One day I decided to cycle my exercise bike while wearing an Oculus Go headset. Roller Coaster was the VR game especially suitable for my workouts. I bought a couple of similar VR games and started testing them. Gradually, I realized that such apps were not what I was looking for. The tracks were too short lasting only three or four minutes.

As a result, I came up with my own cycling application. It lets you ride as long as you wish.

The track is comfortable and calm being simultaneously diverse and captivating. To check the time, you always have a clock and a timer close at hand.

I hope this application will motivate you to train and your exercise bike won’t turn into a clothes horse.
I’ve been running this application for a long time and now I’m ready to offer it to you.


The Tablet

If you look down, you can see a small tablet with some info.

1. Current time from your Oculus Go.

2. Activity timer.

3. Technical information – frames per second  and the velocity in arbitrary units.

4. Lap counter.

5. Local time on the island. One hour on the island is one minute in real time. A day on the  island lasts 24 of our minutes.


6. Current music track. There are four tracks in the application, each lasting about twenty minutes: “Casual Music”, “Fantasy Music”, “Asian Music” and “Heavy Metal”. They are played in random order. However, you can turn off the sound of Oculus Go and listen to your favorite music, radio or podcasts from your smartphone.


The Oculus Go Controller

You can always interrupt the ride by pressing the «Back Button» of the Oculus Go controller, however I recommend that you use the «Oculus Button», since it works much more stably. Press the «Oculus Button» or the «Back Button» once shortly and the Oculus Interrupt dialog appears.


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